“We shouldn’t have to live in fear like this” – Mother of Calgary man who died fighting for ISIS

The mother of a Calgary man who died fighting for ISIS in Syria is reacting to the violence in Ottawa today and the terrorist attack in Quebec Monday.

Chris Boudreau’s 22-year-old son Damian Clairmont converted to Islam and travelled to Syria in 2012.

He was killed in the on-going fighting there earlier this year.

Clairmont’s death prompted his mother to begin lobbying for support and protection for Canadians from home grown terrorists.

She says the danger has now reached a boiling point.

While the motive behind today’s attack on Parliament Hill is still not clear, the violence is very concerning.

“We shouldn’t have to live in fear like this,” said Chris Boudreau.

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“We should feel comfortable that we can live a peaceful life and looks what is happening and what is spiraling out of control,” she said.

“It makes me feel really uncomfortable. I don’t feel confident right now that there is really anything in place to protect us.”

Clairmont says police need more powers to investigate and arrest suspects here at home before they travel overseas.

She also says more support needs to be in place to help support families spot the signs of radicalization.