‘Amazing’ cleanup effort in Cabo San Lucas following Hurricane Odile

Things are starting to return to normal in Cabo San Lucas following Hurricane Odile.
Things are starting to return to normal in Cabo San Lucas following Hurricane Odile. Mexi-Cana Vacation Rentals

VANCOUVER – Residents of Cabo San Lucas say the cleanup effort in the weeks following Hurricane Odile has been amazing.

Lance Montgomery lives in B.C., but his parents run a property management company in Cabo. The night the category four storm hit, he was texting with his dad as he rode it out.

“He said it sounded like a train was coming through the house,” said Montgomery. “It sounded like the world was coming to an end.”

When they woke up Montgomery’s dad told him the beautiful resort town “looked like a war zone.”

Just a few short weeks later, things have improved rapidly.

“The most amazing part is, it’s been two weeks and it’s getting back to normal,” said Montgomery.

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“The power is back on, water’s back, the restaurants are back open.”

There are a number of hotels that are already open, or will be opening soon, with many airlines starting flights to Cabo again on Oct. 8. However, it is still best to check with the airline directly if you have a flight booked soon.

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But things are definitely changing for the better.

Montgomery’s father said three days after the storm hit he came home to find his gardeners working in his garden. They said they had nowhere else to go and needed the money. His father brought them in to his house and gave them food and money, but he was not surprised they wanted to get back to work.

“That’s just what Mexicans do,” said Montgomery. “They just get right back at it.”

Being a place so dear to his heart, Montgomery wants to get the message out that the best way to support the people of Cabo is to visit there.

“In a month to two weeks you might not even know anything had happened,” he said.

“The only way to rebuild Cabo is to get the message out and go down and spend your money.” Some people are also setting up fundraising pages to help those living down there.

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Montgomery runs the Facebook page Mexi-Cana Vacation Rentals for his parents and posts daily updates.

“Cabo is still beautiful Cabo,” he said.

Photos courtesy of Mexi-Cana Vacation Rentals:

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