WATCH: 2 humpback whales hide from orcas next to whale watching boat

WATCH ABOVE: Video taken by Prince Rupert Adventure Tours

VANCOUVER – A group of tourists recently got the treat of a lifetime on a whale watching tour, when two humpback whales hid from a pod of orcas right next to a whale watching boat.

A group from Prince Rupert Adventure Tours was out on a whale watching tour on Saturday. They were near the Green Island Lighthouse, at the northeast end of Dundas Island, when they spotted some humpback whales feeding in the distance.

“When they feed they come up and down,” said Jared Davis, vice president of Adventure Tours. But the group then spotted a pod of orcas heading right for the humpbacks. The other humpbacks took off, except for two, who came around the whale watching boat and stayed for about an hour-and-a-half.

“They had to wait because you can’t turn the engines on if the whales are by your boat,” said Davis.

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They probably didn’t mind too much, however.

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