BronyCAN 101: What you need to know about the “My Little Pony” convention in Richmond

VANCOUVER — Bronies, or lovers of the iconic eighties TV show, “My Little Pony” are gathering this weekend in Richmond. Global New’s Sonia Sunger spoke with the media liaison of the convention, Tylor Froese and got some inside scoop on just what they’ll be doing and what sparked their love of the animated children’s program.

Sonia: Tylor, thanks for being here. Let’s start with what a “Brony” is?

Tylor: A Brony is basically someone who enjoys the new iteration of the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Everyone probably knows about the old show from the eighties and it’s been redone by a woman who wanted to make it fun for the whole family. We’re fans of the show who love to get together, share our experiences, costumes, draw art and many other things.

S: Why are so many people drawn to this?

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T: The show was made with the idea in mind that everyone can watch it, be it children, adults or grandparents. It has a whole bunch of pop-culture references, fantastic art, animation and writing and overall it’s a well done show that has great messages, applying to real-world situations. They’re trying to teach you lessons about friendship and life and being good to each other.

S: I used to play with the toys as a kid! I know there will be a lot of people heading out to the convention, wearing costumes and hanging out with fellow fans. Can you tell us more about the activities taking place?

T: We’ve got a lot of stuff going down: a lot of special guests from the show including producers and directors, and other community guests. They’ll be doing panels – talking about the show and their experiences with it.  Events – right now we have an icecream social going on, later we have a nerf war, a card tournament with the My Little Pony cards trading game and a whole bunch of other great stuff going on all weekend.

This interview has been condensed and edited.