Family of 14 travelling together in an RV come to Montreal

WATCH ABOVE: The Kellogg family sold their house 19 months ago in Colorado to live a simple life on the road travelling the world with their 12 kids in an RV — and they’ve just arrived in Montreal this weekend. Rachel Lau has more.

BELOEIL – The Kellogg family has come a long way from small town Glenwood Springs in Colorado, USA.

“We thought we were close,” said Susie Kellogg of her husband and children.

“We’re so much closer now than we ever thought we could be.”

The family of 14 is on what they call the ultimate road trip, giving up the daily grind to explore the real meaning of family fun.

“With travel comes knowledge,” said Susie.

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“Just watching [my children] transform themselves, they’re more compassionate, more understanding and they’re just more worldly.”

Their trip quickly turned into the adventure of a lifetime.

“It’s showing the kids that life is full of passion and excitement and strife and triumph,” said Susie.

The Kelloggs have travelled for almost two years in an RV with 12 kids, with 21-month-old Coby to 18-year-old Grady along for the ride.

Their oldest daughter, Kerry is back in Colorado working for the summer, but her parents are looking forward to having her back in the RV.

The family says they would gladly welcome a 13th child.

“In two years time, we’ve criss-crossed the continent at least six times, so literally from California to Florida to New York to Idaho,” said Dan.

Now, the kayaking enthusiasts have brought their adventures north of the border.

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“We’re in a country, or a province, that speaks French,” said Susie.

“I’m blown away by that. I don’t know about them. I hear people speaking French and I’m so drawn to that and I’m just so in awe.”

As for jobs and school, the Kelloggs said they have everything under control.

Dan works as a software engineer out of his makeshift office in the RV, and the kids are home schooled.

“We focus on the basics: reading, writing and math, and then from there we can do geography and diesel mechanics and cosmotology,” said Susie.

“You name it, they’re learning about it.”

The family has learned many valuable lessons along the way.

“A lot of little steps and a lot of little things fell together,” said Dan.

“It’s crazy when you look back over your life and you see how little things happen that bring you to where you are,” agreed Susie.

“I’m always wondering where are these little steps going to lead us.”

They don’t know where they’re headed to next, but the family does have plans to eventually take their RV adventures overseas.

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“I think you can do anything in life if you just conquer your fears,” said Susie.

“You just jump.”

“That’s our new mantra,” added Dan. “We’re unstoppable! No matter what crosses our path, we’re not going to let it stop us.”