Oppenheimer Park tent city residents plead with city mayor to stop evictions

Residents from the tent city that popped up in Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver last week gathered at the city hall this morning to voice their concerns about getting evicted.

On Sunday, the city has issued a notice to people living in the park asking them to leave, saying camping in the park is not allowed and erecting structures on the land prevents other people from using it.

Park residents say they have little alternative with their SROs infested with mice and bedbugs.

The protesters pled with the mayor for better living conditions for the city’s most needy and a peaceful resolution to the issue.

“Do not see us as troublemakers, see us as human beings who are standing for the inalienable rights that the rest of us have enjoyed our whole lives – homes, safe and comfortable,” said protester Audrey Siegl at the council meeting.

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Immediately after the protest, a closed door meeting was held with Councillor Kerry Jang, senior staff members and tent city representatives.

Tents have been set up at Oppenheimer Park for several days now.

Campers say they have the right to be there because it is unceded territory.

On Monday morning, Vancouver police surrounded the park. Nobody was removed, but police say they will continue to monitor the situation.