B.C. Crime Stoppers: The case of 16-year-old Ramona Wilson of Smithers

A teenage girl goes missing from a northern B.C. town and months later, police discover she’s been murdered.

Ramona Wilson, 16, was known as a bright student who sometimes skipped school.

She lived with her mother and brother in a house in Smithers and had a part-time job at a local restaurant.

At 9:30 p.m. on June 1, 1994, Wilson left her home in Smithers saying she was going to sleepover at a friend’s place.

Ten months later, her body was found north of the airport.

Police photographs show the scene where Wilson’s remains were found.

It’s a wooded area just north of Yelich Road which is sometimes used by hunters, dog walkers or as a teen hangout.

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The clothes Wilson wore the night she disappeared were also discovered.

Several items were in a small organized pile a few feet away.

Other objects nearby included a half-buried small section of rope, three interlocking nylon ties and a small pink “brass knuckles” type water pistol.

Investigators are looking for information to solve the murder of Wilson.

If you know of anything that can crack this case call police or if you wish to remain anonymous visit or call 1-800-222-8477.

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