Morgentaler clinic volunteers look for other ways to help women

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick’s only abortion clinic is slated to close at the end of July, leaving volunteers looking for another way to help.

For years, volunteers wore bright vests to identify themselves as escorts for the Morgentaler clinic. They were there to help women in and out of the building during the emotional time.

More than 60 per cent of abortions in New Brunswick happen at the clinic, but without provincial funding, the clinic can’t afford to stay open. The issue has activists fighting the government’s policy of requiring two doctors to sign off on any abortion performed in the province.

“People will find access to an abortion, whether its done safely or not. And that’s the scary situation,” said Kathleen Pye.

Without the clinic, volunteers are working together to get information about reproductive health out to the public and looking at ways to help women get out of the province to get a legal abortion.

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“I know that there were networks like that back in the 70’s and 80’s before abortion was legalized and some of those women are still here in the city, so we would guess they’d be just as willing to drive women to Montreal as they were 30 years ago,” said Jaden Fitzherbert.

The Morgentaler clinic is expected to close July 18.