Saskatoon woman pushes for vehicle recall after sunroof shatters

Watch the video above: Leisurely drive turns into harrowing experiences for motorists

SASKATOON – A Saskatoon woman joins the list of concerned motorists who have had their vehicle’s sunroof shatter while driving.

Colette Gauthier was driving along Circle Drive, when the sunroof of her 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport car shattered.

“All of a sudden I heard this great big ‘bang’, and I could just hear the shards of glass in the rooftop of the slide,” she explained.

Gauthier wasn’t harmed.

“I just thought it was a rock coming from one of the larger vehicles we were following and then after I got to my destination, I had a closer look at it,” she explained.

Gauthier went to Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and confirmed the damage wasn’t caused by a rock.

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After doing her research, she found out that other drivers have also experienced sunroof explosions with the same model.

In April, Global News covered the story of a woman who also experienced a sunroof explosion in her 2013 Santa Fe Sport car in B.C.

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Lorilee Bell was driving between Fernie and Cranbrook on Highway 3 when it happened. She too was thankful she had her roof’s sunroof cover pulled up.

“If it had been open, the sunroof would have shattered in my face,” Bell explained.

More than a dozen people have taken to online forums to post the same complaint – all their sunroofs shattered while driving.

In September, a Vancouver woman, Hildegard Gehriger, was driving her new 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe, when her panoramic sunroof also shattered.

In a statement issued Friday, Hyundai Auto Canada said a full investigation of the sunroof will be conducted.

The company said the sunroof is made of tempered safety glass and complies with Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS).

Gauthier hopes Hyundai will issue a recall for the model, but so far, it hasn’t.

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“It should’ve happened already,” she said.

Gauthier says she’s so concerned about her family’s safety; she will never purchase a car with a sunroof again.

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