WATCH: Wisconsin police officer escorts ducks across busy road

You may remember a scene from “The Simpsons”, when Apu (in his role as a volunteer firefighter) is racing to the scene of a fire – only to be halted by a mother duck and her ducklings, lazily strolling across the road.

“You ducks are really trying my patience!” Apu complains. “But you’re SO cute!”

There are likely a few commuters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, who can appreciate that sentiment.

This past Tuesday, traffic was temporarily halted on Eau Claire’s Clairemont Avenue, as a mother duck and her string of duckling decided to take the direct route across the street.

And just like in “The Simpsons”, emergency responders went out of their way to ensure the safety of the ducks.

Officer Kevin Putzy of the Eau Claire Police Department re positioned his cruiser and hit the lights in order to alert drivers to the animal’s presence.

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Then, Putzy personally escorted the ducks across the roadway.

No word yet on why the ducks crossed the road, but it was likely for similar reasons to the chicken: to get to the other side.

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