Sinkhole continues to affect St. Mary’s traffic, becomes tweet sensation

WINNIPEG – City crews are still working on a sinkhole that closed the southbound lanes of St. Mary’s Road just before rush hour Wednesday afternoon — and Winnipeg wags are tweeting plenty of jokes about it.

The busy Winnipeg artery is down to one southbound lane and two northbound lanes at Morier Avenue Thursday morning. Southbound traffic has been routed out of its regular three lanes and into a single northbound lane, leaving northbound traffic with two lanes.

The huge sinkhole, which caused a traffic nightmare for many commuters on Wednesday, quickly prompted complaints and jokes about the state of the city. Wags weighed in on Twitter and two separate Twitter accounts were created for the huge hole — @Wpg_Sinkhole and @SinkHoleWpg.

There was no doubt the huge hole was ready to take a bite out of traffic:

Some used it to point out Winnipeg’s problems:

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Sean Piper recognized the sinkhole as a great hiding spot:

Piper was also one of those who tied it to other current events:

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@Wpg_Sinkhole tied the cracked pipe the city said caused the sinkhole to a Toronto crack pipe:

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But David Sonnenschein wanted to bring the focus of the day back to what usually is Winnipeg’s biggest conversation starter – the weather:

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