Livestream of Nelson osprey nest gives ‘bird’s eye view’ of parenting pair

A screen capture of the two osprey overseeing their egg via a livestream web cam. Global News

A webcam west of Nelson is giving people the ability to get a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the life of an osprey.

The camera, which is run by Nelson Hydro and Columbia Wireless,  is trained on a nest where an egg is being watched over and warmed by two osprey.

Depending on when you tune in to the Nelson osprey nest livestream, you may get a glimpse of one bird perched on high or both halves of the breeding pair.

When fully grown, ospreys are more than 60 cm long with a wingspan of 1.8 metres. However, the hatchling would be much smaller, weighing just 50 to 60 grams. It’s expected to hatch in just over a month.

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