A good sole: Photos of man giving his shoes to barefoot bus passenger goes viral

VANCOUVER – Bus driver Surjit Singh Virk was on his way home from Surrey’s Vaisakhi parade Saturday when he saw something that touched his heart.

Sitting near the front of the No. 341 bus to Guildford, he noticed a barefoot man sitting near him.

A few stops later Virk said another man got on the bus and sat beside the two of them.

“I just kept playing with my phone,” said Virk, “then [the man] got up and sat on the other side, closer to the barefoot man.”
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“He started to take his shoes off and I didn’t really want to look but I wondered what he was doing,” added Virk.

He said the man took off his shoes and socks and slid them across the floor to the barefoot man. “He said ‘You can take these, don’t worry about me, I live close by’,” said Virk.

“He just simply slid them towards his feet and said ‘put them on’.”

Virk said the Good Samaritan quickly got off at the next stop, before he or the recipient had the chance to thank him.

Virk then took out his phone, taking photos of both men to capture the moment as the barefoot man put on the shoes and socks.

He’s been driving buses for 16 years and said he’s never seen anything like this before.

“It was just one human to another human,” he said. “It was done so innocently, I was really impressed.”

He wanted to share the photos online with everyone to show the impact a random act of kindness can have.

“Forget about race, religion, whatever,” he said.

“It connects us all, inside we are all human.”

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