WATCH: Port Moody canine dubbed the ‘world’s fastest trail dog’

Kaia is known as the world's fastest trail dog.
Kaia is known as the world's fastest trail dog. Global News

Three Port Moody teens spend much of their time riding their mountain bikes on the trails, but thanks to a fast canine, a video of one of their rides has gone viral.

Competitive mountain biker Bryan Gregory regularly takes his dog Kaia on the trails. Gregory and his two friends, Jonathan Kang and Nathan Mu, decided to shoot a video to see if Kaia could keep up with Gregory on his bike.

The dog was easily able to outrun her owner.

Within a week, the video has received more than 350,000 views, and Kaia has been dubbed the world’s fastest trail dog by mountain biking websites.

“We’ve been shooting mountain bike films for a while now,” says Kang. “We just meant for this to be a smaller project, but it got bigger because I guess people really like dogs.”

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Mu says the trio were surprised at the response, as they have created longer and more complicated films and those have not received nearly as much attention. “Never anticipated it would blow up in the way it did,” says Mu.

The video took about five and a half hours to make.

Gregory says working with Kaia was probably the most challenging part of the project as she would not always do what she was told.

Watch the video:

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