Bicycle Safety Week in Saskatchewan

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This is the 20th year that BICYCLE SAFETY WEEK has been held in Saskatchewan.  Bicycle Safety Week is an opportunity to pay special attention to child cyclists, provide education, and hold events to promote safe cycling.  Cycling-related injuries are a leading cause of hospitalizations in children and youth.  Education and awareness are key for reducing these injuries.

The Minister of Crown Investments has designated May 15th to 21st, 2022 Bicycle Safety Week in Saskatchewan.  This designation celebrates the commitment and enthusiasm of community members and agencies that dedicate their time to educating our children on bicycle safety and in reducing bicycle-related injuries.

The theme for 2022 is READY TO RIDE with a focus on ensuring children have the proper equipment and skills to get ready to ride their bicycles.  Many communities across Saskatchewan are hosting BIKE RODEOS throughout spring and summer where children have the opportunity to have their helmuts and bicycles adjusted to ensure proper fit, as well as learn and practice bicycle safety skills.  The Saskatchewan Prevention Institute provides support in planning events, bicycly safety resources, and educational packages for children.

For more information about Bicycle Safety Week, visit  When children, parents, caregivers, and communities work together, serious and life-altering bicycle injuries can be prevented.