The West Block: April 2, 2023 | RCMP failures and Rogers-Shaw merger risks

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police's reputation and morale have seemingly taken hit after hit in recent years. Last week, a blistering report was issued over the Mounties’ performance in the worst mass shooting in Canadian history where a gunman executed 22 innocent people in Nova Scotia. The report found the RCMP failed in almost every way. ‘The West Block’ host Mercedes Stephenson spoke with Mike Duheme, the interim RCMP commissioner, about what the force is doing to live up to its claim that it will do better. Plus, Stephenson talks with Armine Yalnizyan, economist and Atkinson fellow on the future of workers, and Craig Alexander, former chief economist at Deloitte and TD Bank, about whether the Rogers-Shaw corporate merger will really mean lower bills for Canadians.