Global National: March 16

People in Edmonton are grieving the loss of Const. Brett Ryan, 30, and Const. Travis Jordan, 35, who were shot and killed while responding to a call about a family dispute. What's known about the teenaged gunman, the investigation, and how Jordan first made news in 2020 with a heartwarming gesture. An Ontario man is wanted by American authorities, accused of trying to purchase "sensitive equipment” for a tech firm in Tehran that supports Iran's military. Experts say the Iranian regime often uses Canada and Canadian companies to dodge sanctions and procure military equipment. Iran's weapons produced with North American parts are now being deployed in Russia's war against Ukraine. As more Western countries ban TikTok from government devices over security concerns, the U.S. is now threatening to ban the app altogether unless its Chinese owner ByteDance divests its stakes in the popular social media platform. How TikTok and the Chinese government are responding to Washington's ultimatum. Plus, highway to heal: how a company is using artificial intelligence to create songs it hopes will help surgeons.