Global National: Jan. 26

Canada has confirmed it will send four Leopard 2 tanks to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia, which launched a fresh round of deadly missile strikes hours after the announcement. The devastating attacks, whether Canada could have committed more heavy armoury, and whether there could be retaliation for supplying aid to Ukraine. People in Kingston, Ont. were surprised to experience the rare phenomenon of 'thundersnow.' What it is, and what Atlantic Canadians should expect as another storm system moves in. The Council of Canadian Academies is trying to quantify the damage caused by misinformation and conspiracy theories about COVID-19. The organization's estimate of the far-reaching and fatal consequences; how the false information about the coronavirus has divided families and society; and what the potential solutions are. Plus: attention, Home Depot shoppers. What the big box retailer has been doing with some of your receipts, according to Canada's privacy commissioner. Also, after an asteroid brushed past Earth, we'll look at the importance of keeping an eye on what's happening in outer space. And what the world's oldest woman says is the key to enjoying the journey of life.