Global National: Dec. 1

A Winnipeg man accused of killing an Indigenous woman in May is now suspected of murdering three more Indigenous women. The expanding investigation, what's still not known about three of the victims, and the appeal for the public's help. Canadian parents can now apply for the federal government's new dental care benefit for kids. Who qualifies, how much money families can expect, and the feds' plan for a wider, national dental insurance program. Three Parti Québécois (PQ) members were denied entry into the Quebec legislature after they refused to swear the oath of office to King Charles III, a requirement under the Canadian Constitution. The drama, why they didn't want to follow the rules, and how other political parties are responding. Global News begins a new series called Automation Nation. We'll look at how to better protect your privacy at home as smart devices become more popular. Plus, the rise of FAST (free ad-supported streaming television) channels: how they're different from other streaming services, and whether they have staying power. And Canada bids goodbye to the World Cup. What can be taken away from the experience, as the team begins looking ahead to 2026.