Global National: Nov. 30

Opposition parties continue to press Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about whether he was briefed about alleged Chinese interference in Canada's 2019 federal election. His latest comments, and the reaction from former CSIS director Dick Fadden. Critics are raising red flags about Alberta Premier Danielle Smith's controversial “Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act,” which is aimed at standing up to the federal government. The concerns, and how Trudeau is responding to the bill. Snow in late November is hardly news in Canada, but Metro Vancouver's first major snowfall of the season created mayhem and misery for thousands of motorists. The frustration, and how many commutes that are only minutes long turned into ordeals lasting several hours. Also, to preserve and protect: the Indigenous-led initiatives finding success in conserving biodiversity. Plus, a sudden loss for Fleetwood Mac fans: singer-songwriter Christine McVie has died at the age of 79. And on the mooooove: the quest to corral some runaway cows that have caused headaches in Quebec.