Global National: June 30

The stress keeps soaring for Canadian travellers, with Air Canada cutting back daily flights this summer. What's behind the decision, and what it could mean for flyers already aggravated by long airport lineups. The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) is urging Canadians to get another COVID-19 vaccine dose ahead of a potential wave of cases this fall. What the group now says is required to be effectively immunized against the coronavirus. The penalties keep piling up against Hockey Canada over how it's handled sex abuse allegations against players. How more sponsors are skating away, and the doubts the organization will change. The U.S. Supreme Court is facing a crisis of legitimacy, as the conservative-led court is slammed for its recent rulings on abortion rights and carbon dioxide emissions. And Lytton, B.C., one year later: how the village wiped out by an inferno is struggling to rebuild.