Global National: June 28

After a Russian rocket attack obliterated a crowded shopping centre in Kremenchuk, Ukraine, killing 18 innocent people, Global News surveys the devastation first-hand, as new video emerges of the moment one missile struck. Despite his popularity and successfully battling a second bout of cancer, B.C. Premier John Horgan reveals he won't seek re-election. Why he's choosing to step down, how much longer he'll be in office, and what's behind the timing of his announcement. A former White House aide has given stunning testimony at the U.S. Capitol riot hearings in Washington. What former president Donald Trump was demanding as the January 6, 2021 attack unfolded, and what he did in the presidential limo when he learned he wasn't being taken to the Capitol, according to Cassidy Hutchinson. And reaching for the moon again: the small satellite helping to pave the way for NASA's potential return to the moon's surface.