Global National: May 23

Indigenous families and communities mark the painful one-year anniversary of when 215 suspected unmarked graves were revealed to be near the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia. How the lost lives are being honoured, what this day means to survivors, and the hope future generations can begin healing. Thousands of Ontarians are powerless following Saturday's powerful storm that killed at 10 people. How long it might be before electricity is restored, and the rare weather phenomenon that left behind a trail of destruction. Ukraine has sentenced the first Russian soldier convicted of war crimes in the conflict, as fresh pleas are heard at the World Economic Forum for tougher action against Moscow. Plus, grinding to a halt: another major company closes up shop forever in Russia due to the Kremlin's war in Ukraine. And moving the needle: how new data from Pfizer on its COVID-19 vaccine is raisng hopes for parents of younger children.