Global National: May 9

As Russia commemorated its annual Victory Day and the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War Two, attention was focused on Russian President Vladimir Putin's speech. The significance of what he did and did not say, and why Putin may be ready to retreat, according to his former speechwriter. As Ukraine also marks Victory Day, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy remains defiant and confident his country will emerge victorious. His latest message, how people there are strengthening their resolve, and the growing questions about why Canada is taking so long to bring in new Ukrainian refugees. Upheaval and unrest are exploding in Sri Lanka, as the country's prime minister resigns. The country's escalating economic crisis, and what may be needed to solve it. Plus, the importance of diversity in politics: with Asian Heritage Month underway, Global's Tracy Tong speaks with federal cabinet minister Mary Ng and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai about being North America's first Asian women in their respective roles. And meet Patron, the top dog who received a medal for helping to protect Ukraine, and even managed to upstage Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the ceremony.