Index MILAN - There's an inherent message in Burberry Prorsum's menswear collection for next spring and summer. Slow down. Designer Christopher Bailey isn't trying to hit anyone over the head with the thought. It's more by example. CHICAGO - Medicare crises, loo

Manitoba Moose 15th Anniversary Season

This will be the 15th Anniversary Season for the Manitoba Moose so I thought it would be fun to look back at the history of the club with Chairman Mark Chipman.  There are four parts to this series. THE EARLY YEARS

Insulin IQ

In the midst of a global diabetes epidemic, the word insulin is making its way into the regular vocabulary of more people.     How much do you know about this vital hormone?  What does it do?  What does it mean to be insulin resistant?  Are you at risk for type 2 diabetes?  What is an insulin spike or crash? The Insulin Go 7  Team...

Getting a Cellphone from Traditional or New Startup Carriers

Hi folks, today, my Monday GlobalTV Morning News Tech Segment was on choosing between the new aggressive and competitive cellphone providers like Mobilicity and the traditional cellcos like TELUS, ROGERS and BELL. &nb

Samsung’s Central Station Offers Cordless Portable Computing

Samsung Central Station automatically adjusts dual screen modes - gets wireless Internet for you, right.   Check out my Monday Morning News Tech Untangled GlobalTV segment with co-host Mike:   Samsung&r

Innovative Portable Devices Work, Some of the Time

Morning folks, today’s GlobalTV Monday Morning tech segment with co-host Mike Sobel featured   the newest and coolest looking tablet and cellphone. But looks cab be deceiving. Read on… DEL

Petition targeting Charest grows quickly

Less than 24 hours after it was launched, an online petition calling for the resignation of Premier Jean Charest, has over 78,000 signatures.


    Good morning and welcome to week three of the Global Great Gadget Giveaway. Five KC 850U  Plasmacluster Air Purifiers from Sharp are but an email away. Check it out this Monday morning at http contests index.html  Sharp

Philips Travel Charge Packs

In today’s Global TV Morning News with co-host Mike Sobel, I showed two portable power chargers from Philips.   Check out my just posted take on the BlackBerry PlayBook on the eve of its launch

Fine-Tuning Technology to the Max

In today’s Global TV Monday Morning News with co-host Mike Sobel, I showed two cool gizmos with smart features pushing technology to the next level.   -Logitech’s wireless Solar Keyboard K