GardenWorks: How to conserve water in the garden

With water restrictions in place across much of the B.C., Scott Pearce and Peter Fitzmaurice of GardenWorks offer some tips on how to conserve water while still keeping your plants healthy.

Gardening: Misty tropical terrarium

Using moisture loving plants, two glass bowls and a neat gadget, GardenWorks Chris Janko and Scott Pearce create a project worthy of witch or wizard.

Gardening: Woodland Hellebore Planter

Displaying stunning flowers in a plethora of different colours and designs, hellebores have become must-have plants for the winter and early spring garden.

Gardening: Orchid care tips

With so many gorgeous varieties available, choosing which orchid to grow can be difficult.

Gardening: Growing Micro Greens

Gardening experts Peter Fitzmaurice and Scott Pearce explain how to keep growing healthy sprouts in the winter months.

Gardening: Bromeliads

Scott and Peter got together for this segment to show off a variety of Bromeliads. Peter matched a hot tropical yellow pot to the bloom colour of a yellow Guzmania. Scott planted up a raised window box planter with a selection of Bromeliads.

Gardening: Blue Orchard Mason Bees

The Blue Orchard Mason bee is a wonderful insect to have around your home. Encourage them to set up home in your garden and they will reward you by pollinating your fruiting plants. They are extremely productive and do not sting.

WATCH: Tropical trunks

If you can't afford a trip to the tropics this winter, consider changing the climate inside your home with these tips from GardenWorks.

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