Shelley Goldbeck and Carla Shibley – Sight Night

Sat, Nov 15 : When the sun goes down tonight, the light from hundreds of headlamps will bob and weave along the Bow River Pathway as both visually-impaired and sighted runners participate in the fifth annual Sight Night, raising funds for ASRAB. Shelley Goldbeck, the chair of Sight Night and Carla Shibley, a visually-impaired athlete… Watch video 

In GTA, 42 areas at risk in a superstorm-scale hurricane

For most people in the end, Hurricane Sandy’s arrival in Toronto meant a blustery night and a chance of having to do without power. In the U.S. eastern seaboard, however, dozens of deaths, flooded subway lines and hundreds of destroyed homes served as a warning of what an extreme storm can do to a major city. And despite decades of planning, officials warn that there are still 42 areas across the GTA that are at risk of flooding when a Sandy-scale storm sets its sights on Toronto, as sooner or later it must. Continue reading 

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