770 CHQR allows you to place your ad in an environment where consumers are engaged, are having their opinion formed, are sharing what they learn and where your ad recall is much higher. Our listeners have a strong affinity for the personalities~ Hosts like Bruce Kenyon (The Morning News), Danielle Smith, Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge, Calgary Today with Angela Kokott, and Sports Talk with Jock Wilson.

770 CHQR is Calgary’s #1 commercial radio covering News/Talk/Sports. Over the last 49 years, News/Talk 770 has catered to listeners who want to be educated and informed on an ongoing basis with local, national and international news, sports coverage, weather, traffic, business information and quality talk shows on today’s issues. 770 CHQR is a foreground medium that delivers engaging, lively, provocative and locally based opinion and information to an attentive listening audience.

Why does 770 CHQR advertising work?

  1. Our listeners are actively engaged when listening to our station, so they are more likely to hear your commercials as well. They are listening to News/Talk for information, so they are less likely to view your commercial as a disruption and change the channel when your commercial comes on. Our listeners are also more likely to stay with the station during a commercial break because they want to hear the rest of the conversation. More important than how many people listen to a radio station is how many people respond to your commercials and this is where 770 CHQR excels. Ad recall on News/Talk stations is 60 per cent greater than music stations.
  2. Our AM signal spreads over all of southern Alberta, so you also benefit from reaching farmers and southern Alberta communities that Calgary FM stations can’t reach.
  3. We have a wide variety of specialized shows focused on categories like financial issues, home renovation, gardening, travel, electronics and sports. What a great environment for you to place some of your commercials if your business is related to these categories.
  4. Our listeners are predominantly age 50 plus and they have accumulated fabulous wealth to spend with your company. Scroll down to see the 50 Plus video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step to launching a radio advertising campaign?

Launching any advertising initiative requires a clear definition of the goals and objectives of the campaign. Before recommending campaign options we schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

In the consultation, we work to gain an understanding of your company, products, and services. We invest time in understanding your current customers and target customers. With a strong understanding of your business, we then work with you to develop solutions specific to your objectives.

How much does it cost?

Advertising costs consist of a few factors including the type of advertising unit used in your campaign, as well as the goals or objectives of the campaign.

Advertising Units. An advertising unit is the type of commercial used in your campaign. They include 7, 10, 15, 30, and 60 Second Commercials. The most common radio-advertising unit used is 30-second commercials. We work with you to determine which unit or combination of units suit your objectives while working within your advertising budget.

Campaign Objectives. Most campaigns can be identified as either Event Focused, or Branding campaigns.

An event focused campaign focuses on short-term promotion leading up to an event such as a sale or festival. An event campaign requires a higher number of commercials in a relatively short period of time to reach and motivate your customer leading up to and during the event.

Investment for an event-focused campaign ranges from $4,500 – $10,000 per event.

A Branding campaign focuses on positioning your business with your consumer and building long-term recognition in the marketplace. A branding campaign requires consistency. Branding campaigns distribute your commercials over a wide period of time.

Investment for a branding campaign ranges from $1,200 – $10,000 per month.

How do I get a commercial made?

We provide full support through the development of your campaign including commercial writing and production at no additional charge. You will be assigned a Creative Writer who will work with you throughout your campaign to develop your commercial. We then produce and edit your commercials in-house.

How do I choose the right radio station?

The right radio station is the station whose audience aligns best with your target customer. It is important to take the time to learn about the lifestyles, life-stages, and demographics of a radio stations audience as it relates to your customer. Understanding your customer will allow you to filter what radio station(s) best suits your campaign goals.

When is the best time of the day to advertise?

Each week radio reaches 88 per cent of Canadians. A common misconception is that the best times to advertise are specifically during the morning and afternoon commutes with the desire to specifically air an advertising campaign within those time slots.

A strong radio campaign will allow an advertiser to effectively reach as many potential customers as possible consistently throughout their campaign. Though it is true that there is a higher percentage of tuning during these peak drive times of the day, radio will reach 60 per cent of Canadians during the work day, and 62 per cent of Canadians during the weekend.

We work with clients to build an advertising campaign that reaches their potential customer and aligns with the campaign goals.

Source: Numeris RTS Canada Spring ‘15

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Our Experience

A huge determining factor of your success on a radio station can be directly attributed to the expertise of your account manager gathered over decades of marketing experience. They will suggest cost effective campaigns and commercial content that will perform for your company within your budget. Our sales department has over 250 years of advertising and marketing experience that can be focused on your business. If you’d like to hear from one of us about growing your business, promoting your event or finding employees, contact Doug or Steve directly or submit the form below.

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