‘Vintage chic’ home decor is trending this holiday season

If you’re looking to keep up with the trends in Christmas decorations this holiday season, there’s no harm in dusting off last year’s decorations and adding a new piece or two.

“I think the biggest trend this year for Christmas décor is what you would call vintage chic,” said Kate Seaver, owner of garden décor and botanical studio called Kate’s Garden.

Recessions can spark a comeback for the classic Christmas colours; red and green. The trick to keeping it modern, said Seaver, is to opt for a more whimsical shade to make it “a hip version of vintage.”

If red and green doesn’t complement your existing décor, this is the year to experiment and find a combination that works best for you.

“There’s not much more new that can be introduced into Christmas colours,” says Sandra Asta, owner of Crafted Décor. “We’ve done them all.”

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Home decor is becoming all about colour combinations.

Now is the time to mix and match without being confined to a monochromatic tone. There is no one motif, colour or texture that outshines the rest.

With trends in home décor and fashion spilling into holiday trends, it has never been easier to have your tree complement your throw cushions.

“It might be as simple as changing out your tree skirt or adding a new topper on the top of your tree,” said Felicia Fefer, a Walmart spokesperson.

The most important decorating tip, is to “stick to the colour palette you already have in your room,” said Lisa Collins, owner of Sweet Woodruff Flower Shop.

Another way to spruce up your holiday look, she said, is to bring the outdoors into your home. A sprig of cedar or pine can make it look and smell more like Christmas.

Whatever your style, there’s one must-have item in every home this year – the chalkboard. White chalk or colour, on the wall or on a dish, there is no shortage of ways to express yourself with this hot item.

“It becomes an open palette,” said Asta, so this is your chance to get creative and make your Home for the Holidays a truly personalized space.

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– With files from Laura Zilke

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