Vancouver woman tries to track stolen car to Okanagan using AirTag

Click to play video: 'Vancouver woman tracks stolen car with AirTag'
Vancouver woman tracks stolen car with AirTag
A Vancouver woman was led on a wild ride, trying to track down her stolen vehicle. Using an AirTag, she was taken on a journey all the way to the Okanagan – Aug 11, 2023

A Vancouver woman went on a strange journey, tracking what she thought was her stolen car all the way to the Okanagan via an Apple AirTag.

On Sunday morning, Becca Hislop was with her boyfriend, out and about in Vancouver near Science World, when her car was stolen.

Fortunately, she had an active Apple AirTag in the car, which showed the car was moving through Vancouver and even caught in downtown traffic.

The next day, Hislop followed the tracker all the way to a winery in Kelowna. But when she arrived, it turned out the AirTag had been moved into an Evo Car Share vehicle.

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“This (person) found the AirTag, took it out of the car and had the foresight to put it into a car that would be moving randomly and effectively sent us all on a wild goose chase, which is what we did,” she said.

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“I want this person to get their karma because we work hard for our things and it’s not fair that some people think they can cheat and just take.”

Hislop called Vancouver police when her car was stolen. They were eventually able to find the car days later on East Hastings Street with minimal damage.

Global News has reached out to Vancouver police for comment.

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