TTC launches wi-fi network at two subway stations

ABOVE: TTC launches wi-fi network at St. George and Bloor-Yonge station. Cindy Pom reports. 

TORONTO – Commuters will now be able to send emails and surf the internet at two of the Toronto Transit Commission’s busiest subway stations.

Effective Monday, both St. George and Bloor-Yonge have been equipped with a wi-fi network in what the TTC is calling a “soft launch.”

Underground cellular phone service is still unavailable as the company contracted to install the wireless system has yet to bring a telecommunications carrier on board.

The TTC entered into an agreement with BAI Canada Inc. on Dec. 5, 2012 to build the network in the subway system for $25 million over 20 years.

A staff report indicates the company is still in negotiations with carriers including Bell, Rogers, Telus, Mobilicity, Wind and Public Mobile.

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The TTC hopes the design, installation, construction and full implementation of the network will be completed by the end of 2017.

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