Gowns donated to brides affected by New Westminster fire to go toward a bigger cause

A Surrey woman who reached out to help the brides affected by a fire that destroyed a bridal store in New Westminster this month is taking her project a step further.

In the days after the devastating fire that wiped out three dozen businesses, 31-year-old Marisa Wiens started a Facebook page to help the brides who may have lost their wedding dresses in the fire.

The Facebook page became an instant success, with hundreds of women offering to donate their old wedding dresses.

Wiens says Golden Brides, the store that was damaged by the fire, got back to her, saying they are thankful for her efforts, but have established a plan and have been in touch with their brides.

So she started looking for a way to put hundreds of donations she was already getting to good use.

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Wiens partnered with Nanaimo entrepreneur Lindsay Recknell who runs, a web site that connects former and future brides and lets them trade wedding paraphernalia.

The two women put together a project called “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

The idea is to have wedding dresses and other wedding items donated by women wanting to help other women who may not otherwise be able to afford them.

“There is a ton of donations that have come forth. If people still want to donate, then this way they can. And it does not have to go to the brides who lost their dress in the fire,” says Wiens.

All of the items listed would have been donated and are listed as free.

Wiens says the “Can’t Buy Me Love” project is a way to put the brides in need and people wanting to donate in touch directly.

“It is better if people keep their dress and can see who they hand it off to personally,” says Wiens.

To donate a dress, go here for details.


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