Court allows siezed dogs to be adopted

SASKATOON – The Saskatchewan SPCA applauded a Queen’s Bench judge’s decision Friday morning to dissolve a temporary injunction that had prevented animal protection workers from finding new homes for 84 dogs seized from a breeder near Foam Lake almost two weeks ago.

There is no reason to continue the emergency injunction granted on June 8, 2010 to the breeder, April Irving – and allowing it to go on would constitute an unreasonable restraint against the animal care agencies who have control of the animals, Justice Peter Foley ruled.

The Saskatoon SPCA has been looking after the dogs, including more than one litter of puppies, since the Saskatchewan SPCA seized them from Irving’s acreage on June 4, 2010.

The seizure marked the culmination of a year-long investigation and repeated attempts by the provincial organization to work with Irving to improve the dogs’ living conditions, according to a prepared statement issued Friday by the Saskatchewan SPCA.

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Executive director Frances Wach praised the staff at the Saskatoon branch of the organization, where the dogs have been kept at an estimated cost of $800 a day while the injunction was in place.

“The community support we have received has been amazing. We have received numerous phone calls from people interested in adopting these dogs or providing foster care for them,” she added.

“As well, people have generously donated their time and their money to help with the care of these animals.”

The total cost of the rescue topped $25,000, Wach said.

“This is a significant financial burden for our registered charity. We have to fund-raise in order to cover these costs.”

Irving, who has said her dogs were “spoiled rotten” and referred to the SPCA as “a bunch of bullies,” is facing charges under the Criminal Code and the Animal Protection Act with neglecting to provide adequate food, water, shelter or care for the dogs.

She is expected to make a court appearance on the charges June 24 in Wadena.