[POLL] Will you turn off your iPhone ‘Frequent Locations’ tracking?

VIDEO: Privacy Commissioner urges iPhone users to turn off location tracking. Jackson Proskow reports. 

TORONTO – The average iPhone user may not know that their device tracks every move they make and the time spent there with Apple’s latest mobile operating system update.

The “Frequent Locations” setting included in iOS 7 allows your device to “learn places you frequently visit in order to provide useful location-related information,” according to the settings description in the “Settings” menu.

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But some feel the setting is much creepier than advertised and has some privacy experts worried.

Ontario Privacy Commissioner, Ann Cavoukian, told Global News she is concerned to hear how some users were unaware of the setting and noted that users should be taking better steps to learn about their smartphones.

“If you want to limit the amount of information out there you have to play a role and limit the amount of information relating to your tracking and your location that is enabled by these features,” Cavoukian said.

She also added that users should control what apps use location services by turning it off for apps they do not want their information collected on.