Green Party MLA says Hydro should dump Site C dam proposal for wind power

A Vancouver Island Green Party MLA says the massive Site C Dam project should be scrapped in favour of wind power.

Currently, only 1.5 per cent of electricity in B.C. comes from wind power.

Andrew Weaver, MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head, says the price of wind power is actually less than the planned Site C dam.

“B.C. is a perfect place to do this, it’s cost effective, economically smart, socially progressive and it’s good for the environment,” says Weaver. “B.C. Hydro doesn’t have a mandate to build wind farms, they are tasked to build Hydro dams. So this creates a problem with getting renewable power into our electrical grid because of the structure of BC Hydro.”

“It’s really a bureaucratic problem, it’s not a regulatory problem.”

He cites Prince Edward Island, where 20 per cent of power comes from wind.

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Weaver doesn’t see any reason why wind power can’t work here.

BC Hydro issued the following statement to Unfiltered with Jill Krop tonight:

There is room for both wind power and Site C in B.C.’s energy future. Wind power can supply clean, renewable power, but the supply is intermittent and there is low dependable capacity. A source of firm supply is also needed as back-up when wind is not available. Our hydroelectric dams provide clean, reliable power and allow for the integration of wind power into the grid. The big dams can provide back-up when the wind is not blowing.






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