Members infuriated after Mississauga gym suddenly closes

ABOVE: Mississauga Fitness Club Tied to Premier Fitness chief closing; members infuriated. Sean O’Shea reports. 

TORONTO – Customers at a gym in Mississauga are furious Friday after they arrived to exercise Friday to find their gym will be closing.

The gym is located at 3100 Dixie Road near Dundas Avenue in Mississauga.

Crews started removing exercise equipment from Mississauga Family Fitness overnight. Sources told Global News about the closure and suggest it will be completely closed by the weekend.

The gym is a former Premier Fitness location and is owned by John Cardillo. He began building a chance of gyms in 1978, starting in St. Catharines. At its height, according to The Hamilton Spectator, Cardillo’s Premier Fitness had 142,000 members in Ontario.

Global News received a faxed response from Mississauga Family Fitness on Friday afternoon. The entire statement can be read below:

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October 11/2013

Attention Sean O’Shea

I understand that you were at my club this morning asking questions about the future of my business, Mississauga Family Fitness. I have been in the process of actively trying to resolve issues my company has with it’s (SIC) landlord. If the resolution cannot be accomplished arrangements are in place with Wynne Fitness, near by fitness club, to honor all of my Mississauga Family Fitness members’ memberships in full.

Steve Feldt

Mississauga Family Fitness

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