October 3, 2013 5:15 pm
Updated: October 3, 2013 5:17 pm

Calgary woman lucks out after Home Depot flyer mishap

Sheila Laird with her new hardwood flooring.


CALGARY- A Calgary woman has gotten an incredible deal on hardwood—but it’s coming at quite the cost to Home Depot.

Sheila Laird was on their website, when she came across what seemed like a spectacular sale on Oak flooding.

“It said regular 65 dollars per case down, to 2 dollars and 97 a case,” she explains.

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Since she’s planning to redo her home, she took the ad to a Home Depot, where she was allowed to buy 22 boxes at the low price. She also prepaid for 50 more boxes at another location, but when she went to pick them up the store cancelled the order.

That low, listed price was a mistake that should have read $2.97 per square foot—not box.

“They said, ‘no sorry, it was an associate error, we can’t let you have it, we’ll give you a free case if you buy the other 52 cases at 65 dollars a case,’” Laird explains. “I’m like, ‘yeah, but I have a receipt. You guys actually put it through the system.’”

She adds that the store shouldn’t be allowed to change their mind after selling it to her.

“My motto is it never hurts to ask, so I asked, I went in and I received it and I paid for it. So I haven’t done anything wrong as far as I’m concerned.”

After reviewing the case, Home Depot said in a statement to Global News:

“We understand there was an error made at one of our stores. Our customer service team has contacted Mrs. Laird and apologized for the misunderstanding. She will receive her flooring and it should be delivered to her home over the next few days.”

Consumer experts say that there is no law saying that Home Depot should have had to honour the ad, as when there is a mistake the store has the right to refuse a sale.

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