Toronto driver alleges car struck by falling concrete, insurance not paying up

Above: Andre Ramsaroop got a shock on the way to work last month. Concrete and steel rained down from an overpass. As Sean O’Shea reports he was stuck with the deductible and thinks he shouldn’t be.

TORONTO – The city’s crumbling infrastructure is a concern for everyone on the road, but for one driver, the issue hits particularly hard.

While driving to work along Bay street, Andre Ramsaroop’s 2011 BMW 328i was allegedly damaged by concrete and steel falling from a crumbling overpass.

In accidents where the driver is not at fault, insurance companies usually step in to cover the cost of repairing the damage.

But Ramsaroop’s insurance company told him he had to pay the deductible.

Ramsaroop reached out to city staff and the mayor’s office, but he did not receive a response.

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Ramsaroop’s only options, as Global News Consumer Reporter Sean O’Shea found out, are to accept the financial loss and pay the deductible, or sue the city at the Small Claims Court.

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