Quebec Liberals promise to give $2,000 per year to seniors

Dominique Anglade announced the Liberals will give money to seniors if they win the 2022 election. Nov 21, 2021. Dan Spector / Global News

Quebec Liberal leader Dominique Anglade made a campaign style announcement in Verdun on Sunday morning, promising to give new cheques to seniors.

She said if elected in the October 2022 election, the Liberals will provide up to $2,000 each year to seniors over the age of 70 to help prevent them from having to enter into long term care. The exact amount will depend on the person’s income.

Anglade said Premier Francois Legault is “obsessed” with the idea of building a new system of government-run seniors residences, while the Liberals would prefer to reinforce home care.

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“We understand how important it is for them to stay at home, to be able to pay their rent, to be able to pay for groceries and to get services so they can stay at home,” she explained.

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Anglade said seniors will be able to use the money any way they like. She promised it will be very easy to for them to get the money as a cheque in the mail or directly into a bank account.

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“There is a system that has been working for years now, with an allocation for every family. It’s the same system that would be put in place for seniors,” she explained.

The measure is inspired by the family allowance program. People would be able to choose to receive the money in two installments instead.

The Liberals say the allowance would cost Quebec about $2 billion.

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