Levi the porpoise released back into the wild

A harbour porpoise rescued from Saanich inlet and rehabilitated by a team of specialists at Vancouver Aquarium has been released back into the wild.

It marks the first successful release of a rescued cetacean for the aquarium.

In March, Levi was spotted on the rocks of the inlet in a very rough shape.

Vancouver Aquarium took him in for rehabilitation, and Levi was placed under 24-hour watch.

His caretakers had to hand feed him and use a support sling to help keep him afloat.

Levi was also suffering from a lung infection and suspected hearing loss.

His progress was slow, but by late summer, Levi was able to swim on his own and forage for live fish. His hearing issues had also been resolved.

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By early September, he was deemed releasable.

Today, he was returned back into the waters of Saanich inlet.

His dorsal fin was outfitted with a special satellite transmitter, which will enable researchers to see where Levi is and how deep he dives.

Global News reporter Linda Aylesworth was present for Levi’s release today. Watch the video below:

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