WATCH: Brittney Irving shot four times

KELOWNA — A Kelowna jury has heard the alleged details leading to Brittney Irving’s murder.

Irving, 24, disappeared in April 2010 while making a drug deal.

She was in the marijuana business.

Her accused killer, Joey Verma, 32, is charged with first degree murder and robbery.

The crown alleges Verma and Irving were in the midst of completing a large marijuana deal when Irving was shot four times, including twice in the back.

The jury heard in the opening statement that Irving, a marijuana broker, was selling Verma 50 pounds of pot.

It’s alleged Verma took Irving down a skid trail off the McCullough Forest Service Road east of Kelowna, where her body was found.

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The Crown says the pickup truck Verma was driving got stuck and he called his cousin for help.

The cousin later led police to where the truck got stuck. Irving’s body was found nearby.

The trial could last more than seven weeks, with the prosecution calling about 40 witnesses.

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