Election 2021: Town of Banff results

There are four people running for mayor for the Town of Banff and 14 people running for the six-person council in the 2021 municipal election. Jayme Doll, Global News

Mayoral Incumbent Corrie DiManno has been elected again in Banff.

Grant Canning, Ted Christensen, Chip (Cheryl) Olver, Barb Pelham, Hugh Pettigrew and Kaylee Ram have been elected to council.

The Town of Banff had four people running for mayor in the 2021 election and 14 people running for council.

Banff has one mayor and six councillors.

DiManno was elected by council on Aug. 9 after outgoing mayor Karen Sorenson was appointed to the Senate of Canada.

The councillors seeking re-election were: Canning, Christensen and Olver.

Councillor Brian Standish made a run for mayor, while Peter Poole did not seeking re-election.

A full list of mayoral and council candidates is below.

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The municipal election is Oct. 18 and you can read more about the Town of Banff candidates on the town’s website.

Mayoral candidates

Corrie DiManno (Incumbent)
Garry Gilmour
Brian James Standish
Karen Marlene Thomas

Council candidates

Jessia C. Arsenio
Allan Buckingham
Grant Canning (Incumbent)
Ted Christensen (Incumbent)
Stephanie Ferracuti
Dana Humbert
Chip (Cheryl) Olver (Incumbent)
Barb Pelham
Hugh Pettigrew
Kaylee Ram
Shawn Rapley
Kerry-Lee Schultheis
Mark Walker
Lesley Young

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