Bieber loses $40,000 gold chain in Toronto nightclub incident

TORONTO – Justin Bieber is reported to have lost a very expensive piece of jewellery during an incident at a downtown Toronto nightclub.

The Toronto Star quotes staff at the Uniun Nightclub who say Bieber and his entourage were partying there early Saturday morning when a fan tried to take a picture of the pop star from Stratford, Ont.

Orin Bristol, the operations manager of the Adelaide St. club, told the Star the fan was a little guy, and wasn’t being aggressive, but the Bieb’s security people seemed to consider him a possible threat and shoved him to the ground.

Bristol said no punches were thrown and no one got hurt, but during the scramble Bieber lost a gold chain reportedly worth $40,000.

Pictures that appear to show Bieber and his entourage standing around someone on the floor of the club have been circulating online.

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Toronto police, however, said Saturday night that they hadn’t heard about the incident, and there had been no comment from the Bieber camp.

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