WATCH: Photo of wife carrying soldier husband on her back goes viral

Staff Sergeant Jesse Cottle’s life changed forever after he lost both his legs to an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack in Afghanistan in 2009.

Now back home, a family photo of former the marine and his wife carrying him on her back is touching thousands of people after it was posted on Facebook – and went viral.

Sgt. Cottle met his wife-to-be during his recovery from the grievous injury that took both his legs above the knee. She was swimming for Boise State university at the time.

The two were married in 2012.

They live in San Diego now, but they are here in Idaho visiting Kelly’s family. While they were here, they took family portraits.

That’s when photographer Sarah Ledford suggested a picture in the water.

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Ledford posted one of those shots on her Facebook page. She had no idea the image of Kelly carrying Jesse on her back would get the reaction it did.

Thousands of likes, hundreds of shares and comments.

Maggie O’mara reports.

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