Summer in the City: festivals, festivals, festivals

WATCH ABOVE: With the weekend just a few days away, Rachel Lau has some exciting things to share for Summer in the City.

MONTREAL – It’s a bit damp outside but that hasn’t stopped the people of Monkland. They’re gearing up for their Flavours of Monkland Village Festival and this year, it’s all about the food trucks.

The Flavours of Monkland Village Festival brings families together to experience everything the neighbourhood has to offer, from dog parades to tribute concerts featuring the Beatles and the Eagles.

“So we can be able to do more events, bring more things to the street, bring more community awareness and bring some camaraderie to the street, get more businesses to participate together and have one big party,” said Danny Roseman, president of Monkland’s Merchant’s Association.

The Flavours of Monkland Village Festival is on until August 25. It’s the official opening of the 37th annual World Film Festival.

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The idea is to encourage cultural diversity and bring international filmmakers together through cinema.

“There are very interesting films from many countries and some very surprising films,” said Henry Welsh, a spokesperson for the festival.

“I think we have an opportunity here to showcase what really is the best of cinematography in many countries around the world.”

More than 400 films will be screened during the festival. It’s on until September 2nd.

Brother and sister Edward and April Ellington are coming to the Rialto Theatre. The duo say they each have their own style of music, but that’s what makes their performance even more electrifying.

“The music is just beautiful,” said Edward.

“The lyrical content, some of the great lyricists of that era also. So it’s great music that needs to be kept alive and it really is America’s true and only art form.”

Accompanied by a full orchestra, the Ellingtons perform songs that are reminiscent of the 1940s and their father, jazz legend Duke Ellington.

“They remember where they were at a certain time when they were listening to a certain song and you might not hear it for a long time but when you hear it it brings you back to that time,” added April.

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The Savoy Ellingtons are at the Rialto on August 23rd.

AJ Korkidakis is a self-confessed art enthusiast. A Concordia graduate, he has brought it on himself to promote the art culture in Montreal with his new organization Uberculture.

“It’s very local oriented, it’s very Montreal oriented,” he said.

“Our aim is to have different events that promote local art and have socially conscious themes.”

Uberculture’s first ever art market will be held at Concordia University’s downtown campus on September 4th and 5th.

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