Designer Izzy Camilleri presents MIZ for the boomer woman

Photos by George Pimentel

TORONTO – One of Canada’s leading designers is going after the boomer market with upscale designs for an aging population.

Canadian fashion icon Izzy Camillieri’s new line is designed specifically for boomer women born between 1946 and 1965. The second for her MIZ collection, the designs blend style with comfort and takes into consideration the changes women go through as they age.

“With the first [line] I was learning and figuring out who MIZ is and what are the details I wanted to incorporate into it. With this collection I’ve gotten closer to making it fashionable and functional,” she said.

The MIZ line includes details such as pants that can go up two sizes, waistbands with no zips and draping. The goal, said Camilleri, is to create clothing that accommodates changes as women get older yet remain fashionable and age-appropriate. The collection was inspired by flowers and incorporated some leather, still a strong trend.

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“I created MIZ for today’s woman who wants to look fashionable yet be comfortable at the same time. She’s confident and stylish and wants this reflected in her fashion choices which must take her from day to evening with ease,” said Camilleri.

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