Kingston council asks premier to refer MPP Randy Hillier’s actions to integrity commissioner

Kingston city council voted to write to Premier Doug Ford, asking him to refer area-MPP Randy Hillier to the integrity commissioner for his stance on the COVID-19 pandemic. Global News

Editor’s note: This story has been changed to reflect the amended motion passed at Tuesday night’s council meeting. 

Kingston city council unanimously voted to call on Premier Doug Ford to refer area-MPP Randy Hillier’s actions to the province’s integrity commissioner.

The matter was discussed at Tuesday night’s council meeting, and was prompted after several other municipalities in Hillier’s riding, Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, voted to do the same.

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Following the adoption of Coun. Bridget Doherty’s motion, council will be calling on Ford to have the commissioner investigate Hillier for “unethical and harmful behaviour.”

“This motion is about behaviour, the conduct of an elected official. He’s not just attending rallies, he’s organizing rallies. He’s not just opposing public health, he’s encouraging the boycotting of those businesses that follow the law,” Doherty said.

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Hillier has spent most of the COVID-19 pandemic railing against lockdown measures because he finds them unconstitutional. He has racked up at least eight court summons over the last year for contravening COVID-19 guidelines, including for organizing several rallies through his No More Lockdown group.

The motion states that Kingston city council would “not silently stand by while Hillier places members of the Kingston community in harm’s way through his reckless and dangerous actions.”

The original motion, which would have had council ask Ford to take action against and sanction the local MPP was amended to remove those requests.

In a statement, Hillier voiced his displeasure with council’s decision.

“Kingston City Council has demonstrated once again that it is far better and convenient to follow and appease ‘the vocal and fearful mob’ than to be honest and truthful to their constituents,” he said.

He said during the debate on the matter, council provided “no factual evidence” to substantiate that he has been “dangerous and reckless,” nor did council members provide proof that he was “espousing ‘misinformation,’ or associating with those who promote ‘racist messaging.’”

He said this was an example seen of politicians rejecting “maturity and reasonableness in their deliberations,” something he says he’s seen often in the last year.

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“While they prefer to silence dissenting views, I will continue to defend their freedom to speak loudly against me, and I will not be intimidated by their dishonesty,” Hillier finished.

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