N.B. carbon tax to rise as planned

Advocates say Saskatchewan needs clearer emissions reduction targets to measure progress on combatting climate change. File / Global News

New Brunswick will raise the provincial carbon tax to $40 a tonne on April 1, as mandated by the federal government.

Global News previously reported that New Brunswick would not see an increase to its carbon tax on April 1 after the government failed to pass the necessary legislation in time to receive royal assent on Friday, based on comments made by government house leader Glen Savoie during a scrum on Friday morning.

Jennifer Vienneau, a spokesperson with the department of finance and treasury board, sent a clarification after the initial story was published.

“While the Bill has yet to receive Royal Assent, the 2021-22 Budget was voted on and passed on March 26 and includes the increase in the carbon tax. The Bill has a coming into force date of April 1, 2021,” she wrote.

Lawmakers debated Bill 32 on March 19 and March 23, but it never made it to a second reading vote.


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