July 22, 2013 5:39 pm
Updated: July 23, 2013 4:50 pm

Surfers descend on Moncton to hit Petitcodiac tidal bore


NEW VIDEO: Surfers catch a wave on Bay of Fundy tidal bore on Tuesday, July 23

MONCTON – When you’ve surfed the world’s oceans, the Bay of Fundy tidal bore is something much different.

“When I first saw it, I was like ‘wooohoo!'” surfer Antony Colas told Global News.

He’s one of a number of renowned wave riders who are in the Moncton-area this week to surf the bore.

The bore’s come a long way since the Petitcodiac causeway gates were opened upstream.

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Now the Bay of Fundy’s super tides push the bore through with all the force of nature.

Moncton’s tourism department says this a great opportunity to tap into thrill seekers who want to try something different.

“Now that we have a river taking back its natural course, with a rising tide every day… it’s unbelievable the potential we have here,” said Ben Champoux, Moncton’s director of tourism and culture.

Colas said the bore is well known among surfers, although he didn’t have much luck catching a good wave on Monday.

“I was in the corner [and] the bore backed off,” he said. “And, under the bore it was making like a little line but not breaking. So, I couldn’t catch it.”

Although he didn’t catch a major break, he got lots of attention.

“It’s nice somebody can do that,” said spectator Paul Leblanc. “They’ve got a lot of nerve.”

“I think it was pretty courageous and he looked pretty calm,” said Darlene Jones.

Colas, from France is here with a few other pros, including California surfers JJ Wessels and Colin Whitebread, and Canadian Arctic surfer/photographer Yassine Ouhilal.

Wessels and Whitebread are looking forward to riding a wave that seems to go on and on.

“You’re going to have this constant wave that could break up to seven kilometres, which is probably longer than any wave I’ve ever seen,” Wessels said.

“It would be so cool if we could be nose-riding on the wave [and] balancing like that would be interesting,” added Whitbread.

The surfers will be in the Moncton-area for the next few days.

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