Toronto Public Health wants McCarthy off ‘The View’

TORONTO – Toronto Public Health is campaigning to have Jenny McCarthy, the newest co-host of The View, kicked off the show.

McCarthy is set to debut on the daily talk show on Sept. 9.

The health organization claims McCarthy’s stringent criticism of vaccinations is reason enough to throw her off the show.

McCarthy is often associated with anti-vaccination movements across the United States. A largely discredited theory suggests there is a link between autism and the use of vaccines in children.

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Tell us what you think. Should McCarthy be able to co-host The View? 

According to a list of “truths” about vaccines published by Toronto Public Health “vaccines do not cause autism.”

“There is no link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Many studies of thousands of children show that the levels of autism are similar among vaccinated and unvaccinated children.”

And the public health agency says on Twitter it is irresponsible to give McCarthy a “platform” to voice her “fraudulent research.

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